Remedial Task

Dear my VIII grade students, here is the task for remedial. Write on a piece of paper. Write completely along with the instruction and questions. Submit it on Monday, October 6th 2014.

Download the file from REMEDIAL TASK or THIS LINK

For those who want to do this task despite the fact that she/he is not listed as a remedial student you will be rewarded with 2 points plus.


ps: If you have difficulty in understanding the instruction just use this link


Pronoun Practice – VIII grade

Do the following practice on your book. Write the full sentences.

If you want to download the file version, simply click the link below

Pronoun Practice

Fill in the blank with appropriate pronoun.

  1. It belongs to my mother, it’s ___
  2. It belongs to him, it’s ___
  3. It belongs to you, it’s ___
  4. I have a bike. It’s ____ bike.
  5. Mum and I have a boat. It’s ____boat.
  6. It belongs to me, it’s ___
  7. The horse has an apple. It’s____ apple.
  8. John and Max have a skateboard. It’s____ skateboard.
  9. You have a dog. It’s ____ dog.
  10. Max and you have a dad. It’s _____ dad.

Good luck!