Remedial Task

Dear my VIII grade students, here is the task for remedial. Write on a piece of paper. Write completely along with the instruction and questions. Submit it on Monday, October 6th 2014.

Download the file from REMEDIAL TASK or THIS LINK

For those who want to do this task despite the fact that she/he is not listed as a remedial student you will be rewarded with 2 points plus.


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Pronoun Practice – VIII grade

Do the following practice on your book. Write the full sentences.

If you want to download the file version, simply click the link below

Pronoun Practice

Fill in the blank with appropriate pronoun.

  1. It belongs to my mother, it’s ___
  2. It belongs to him, it’s ___
  3. It belongs to you, it’s ___
  4. I have a bike. It’s ____ bike.
  5. Mum and I have a boat. It’s ____boat.
  6. It belongs to me, it’s ___
  7. The horse has an apple. It’s____ apple.
  8. John and Max have a skateboard. It’s____ skateboard.
  9. You have a dog. It’s ____ dog.
  10. Max and you have a dad. It’s _____ dad.

Good luck!

Tumblr for Teaching Learning Media

Name: Vina Darissurayya

NIM: 2201411101

Language Teaching and Technology 305

Tumblr as a Teaching Media

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A. Introduction

           Nowadays, teaching language using technology is very popular along with the popularity of technology itself. Many schools have provided various facilities that make teachers easier in using technology such as computer, LCD and also internet access for every class. Teachers also try their best in using technology. Some examples are by making a presentation using power point, showing the students some learning videos, and playing English songs and movies. It shows us that less educators ignore the advantages of using technology to teach languages.

            Many innovations in technology have been made for the sake of assisting education, especially language teaching process. Hartoyo (2012) mentioned some examples of application that are useful in teaching and learning process such as WELTS, CLIC, online dictionaries, Desk Top Publishing (DTP) software and so on. Some other examples are skype, yahoo, facebook and edmodo. Some of the applications can be used online and some others can be used offline. With the development of internet, online applications are more popular since by using online application the teaching and learning process can be interactively done anywhere, anytime.

            In this essay I would like to highlight a microblogging site, TUMBLR, as another tool to teach languages. There some reasons why I choose this topic. First, Tumblr is a popular site If you write Tumblr as a keyword in google search engine you will find more than 5 million results (29/06/14). Moreover Tumblr has more than 188 million users all over the world according to its site. In addition, from my early observation, Tumblr has been used by various people in education activity, especially teaching and learning process. Secondly, despite its popularity, there are not many Indonesia teachers use this microblogging platform to help the learning and teaching process. That is why I choose ‘Tumblr as A Teaching-Learning Media’ as my essay.

B. Objective

           The objectives in writing this essay are: (1) I want to introduce Tumblr as a teaching and learning media; (2) I want give an overall idea of using Tumblr as teaching and learning media; and (3) I would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Tumblr. Those three ideas will be discussed later on part 4, analysis.

C. Review of Related Literature

  1. What is Tumblr.?

The official Tumblr site,, mentions that Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website. It was founded by David Karp in 2007. Tumblr is focusing on microblogging and social networking service, especially in sharing digital media with each other. Currently, Tumblr hosts over 188.7 millions blogs in enormous categories including lifestyle, history, politic even education. Peters on her post stated that Tumblr is a great resource and tool for people and professionals of every stripe.

  1. How does Tumblr work?

According to Tumblr has a cultural feeling as facebook and a more practical way of Livejournal. Writing in Tumblr feels different from writing a post in a usual journal. The post in Tumblr is more brief and specific. Users can post various things in Tumblr such as: text, photo, quote, chat, audio and video. Once you have an account in Tumblr there are various things that you can do. Introduces some terms of Tumblr, which are:

  • Dashboard: it is the main part of Tumblr. Once you have logged in on Tumblr you will be directed to this page. Here you can start blogging activities.
  • Queue: One thing that is unique in making post in Tumblr is that users can make a queue of the posts, so they do not have to connect to internet every time they want to make a post. They can do it once and make queue of it.
  • Reblogging: it is an activity of copying other posts to your blog directly without deleting the sources. It works in the same ways as retweet in twitter.
  • Tags: It makes other users find certain thing easily.
  • HTML edit: Tumblr allows their users to edit their page. Many tutorials on how to do this have been posted. Tumblr has various attractive themes that can also be used directly by users.
  • Mobile: With the hype of smartphone, Tumblr has also launched Tumblr for smartphone. With this both students and teachers can access Tumblr anytime, anywhere.

Here are some links of tutorials on how to use Tumblr:

  1. How does Tumblr work for the sake of teaching and learning? stated some reasons why using Tumblr in classroom makes sense:

o    Learning New Platform: It let students to experience a new platform as a part of class assignment.

o    Assignment Submission: Students can submit their task vioa Tumblr in various ways, whether by publishing it on their own Tumblr or group Tumblr.

o    Collaborative Feedback: Comments of Tumblr can let the students know feedback from both their friends and their professor.

o    Publishing Supplementing Class Info: Teacher can publish, various materials, syllabus, assignment for the students.

o    Open Dialogue: Tumblr community will give opportunity for the students to connect with each other.

Peters on her post also gives some tips for teacher how to take the advantage of Tumblr for education:

  • Course Web Site
  • Sharing and Locating Resources
  • Credibility
  • Make a pitch of classroom supplies.

Also mentioned some ways in incorporating Tumblr with classroom teaching, by:

  • Questions and Answers
  • Reblogging
  • Using Tags
  • Share Music
  • Create a Class Blog

D. Analysis

            There are some ways we can use Tumblr in teaching and learning process of languages especially in the classroom:

  1. As a course website

Tumblr can be used to publish teachers’ related materials. They can post syllabus, teaching materials, even assignment. Teachers can also share videos and music. They also can post some useful links for the students. Since the appearance of Tumblr is simple but attractive students can be motivated to scroll over the Tumblr to learn. Teachers can also share materials with other teachers via Tumblr. Students can also directly post their assignment in Tumblr.

  1. As a place to publish and appreciate works

By using Tumblr, students can publish any works they have. Not only written one but they can also publish their drawing, photographs, even if they love singing or dancing they can posts the audio or video of it. Tumblr’s reblogging and like button can be used to appreciate this student works. Other students and also other Tumblr users can give comment. Students will be happy if they get feedbacks about their posts.

  1. As students’ portfolio

Tumblr lets its user to post anything starting from text to video. This way students can post anything they want easily. Teachers can treat this as students’ portfolio. It will be simpler since teachers do not have to open many sites. Moreover, teacher can easily track students’ post since all Tumblr’s post always have sources attached.

  1. As students’ community

Tumblr can be made into a group. With one Tumblr many students can make posts. From here students can interact with each other easily. They can comment each other and give feedback. Teachers can monitor students work as a class easily. Teachers can post assignment, give questions or anything that can be responded by the students directly.

E. Summary

            Tumblr is very popular nowadays all over the world. As teachers we have to try making use of this to help us in teaching and learning process. We can use it as a course website to post all significant learning resources for our students. We can also use it as students place to post their works as well as their portfolio. We can keep eyes on students’ activities easily. By doing so we can also increase students motivation with attractive learning media as Tumblr.


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